Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has straddled many things over the years: motorcycles, Jessica Alba, the law. But never has he straddled anything quite so well as the line between "boring" and "role model". As evidence, we submit this photo.

See, on the one hand, he's driving an Escalade. A black Escalade. Like everyone else in Hollywood. Which is totally fine, but snoresville. Also, he's just finished taking his daughter Ella to American Girl. And even though it sounds like a raunchy sort of place, there are no strippers at American Girl. There are no bar fights at American Girl. From what our sources tell us, there's not even a bar. Fluff up the pillow and bring on the hot water bottle, we're going to sleep.

On the other hand, that Escalade is a hybrid, so Marky Mark is throwing us a little curveball. That we like. Also: he's dressed like a normal guy, he's wearing what appear to be Ray Bans, and he's sporting a haircut that might be of Supercuts origin. All of which is to say that dude is down to earth. He's keeping it real, even though he earns more from one movie that nobody's ever going to see than most of us earn over the course of our entire, humdrum lives.

So, thanks for not rubbing your wealth and success in our faces, Mark. That may be the only thing you haven't rubbed in people faces, but we're grateful none the less.