Courtney Love

Courtney Love

Maybe it's been a while since you read Courtney Love's MySpace page, or her Tweets, or just listened to her odd ramblings wherever she found an audience--Pam Anderson's roast*, Jamba Juice, wherever. Maybe you've never been so much as briefly enamored of the old-skool kinderwhore.

Whatever. It's our job at Celebs and Cars to keep you up to date on "CourtTV," and her admittedly spiky career path. Whether you like it or not. So for the unprepared and the prepared alike, here's a pocket-sized guide to Courtney's career and some late developments:

1964-1990: Lives backstory for eventual biopic.

1990: In savvy career move, meets Kurt Cobain.

1994: Okay, that didn't end so well.

1994: Live Through This. A brilliant peak to a--career? Career may be too strong a word.

1996: The People Vs. Larry Flynt: With sharp sense of irony on full display, Love tones down own real life to play pornographer's drug-addled wife.

1997: Celebrity Skin: In savvy career move, rekindles relationship with human angst loop Billy Corgan, punches out peppy disc of passed-over Bangles songs. (We mean that in the best way possible. Insider tip: tighten album nicely by removing middle four tracks.)

1997-2004: In conflict with music industry, various controlled substances, living members of Nirvana, child protective services, and occasionally, brick walls and shopping carts and stuff.

2004: America's Sweetheart drops to a resounding "feh." Hooking up with hit grinder Linda Perry sure sounded like a savvy career move.

2008: Still no Nobody's Daughter, though leaked tracks give Internet a reason to ignore Chinese Democracy.

2009: The final comeuppance? Courtney is seen here within three feet of a Mazda3. The car? Love it. However, Courtney is not so ordinary as this--as if the combination of a see-through onesie, Garanimals bra/tattoo set and Blossom hat weren't obvious enough.

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* Best Line Ever, courtesy Sarah Silverman, of course: "I was curious to see which Courtney Love was going to show up: the smeared-lipstick crazy coke whore or the violent smeared-lipstick crazy coke whore."