Mini is the latest car brand to launch a new green labeling system for its vehicles, with the company revealing this week its new ‘Minimalism’ tag. The new branding will be used to designate base models that have been fitted with several features to help reduce fuel consumption.

Similar to the XFE line of cars from General Motors, or the more famous BlueMotion from Volkswagen, the Minimalism cars from Mini will feature fuel-saving measures such aerodynamically enhanced bodies, particulate filters, low rolling resistant tires, light weight engines, engine stop-start features, brake energy regeneration systems, optimal shift time indicators, and electronic power steering systems.

The first Minimalism model will be based on the Cooper D and sold in European markets with a 1.6L diesel engine churning out a peak output of 110hp (82kW). To conserve fuel, the car will also be fitted with longer gear ratios, an engine stop-start system, and an electric oil pump. The end result is an average fuel-consumption figure of 60mpg (3.9L/100km) and carbon-dioxide emissions of just 104g/km.

The Minimalism branding has only been launched in France and Germany but is expected to spread to the rest of Europe over the course of the year. There’s no word if it will be launched in the United States.
Via: AutoblogGreen