Early last year Nissan product boss Carlos Tavares revealed that he would like to see Infiniti’s lineup expand to “10 or so” nameplates in the next couple of years, and soon after this speculation about a new Q flagship sedan and super-sports car based on the Nissan GT-R platform quickly emerged. The word on the street however is that Infiniti’s future lineup will include new versions of the M sedan, QX SUV, and a petrol-electric hybrid model.

Speaking with Automotive News, John Capps, the chairman of Infiniti’s National Dealer Advisory Board, revealed that he was looking forward to the new G37 Convertible in coming months, as well as a replacement for the M sedan and a new QX further down the track. The current QX, which is based on the Nissan Titan pickup, is expected to be phased out soon so a new version built on another platform is expected to be released in the coming years.

Capps also confirmed that a hybrid model will arrive in 2010. This will likely be based on the G35 sedan, which we have already seen in prototype form. Infiniti’s design combines a RWD layout with a parallel-powertrain hybrid system. The system features two clutches, where the electric motor is directly connected to the engine and transmission via these two separate clutches.

As for a replacement for the Q45 flagship sedan, Capps revealed that a final decision won’t come for at least six months. It appears officials are waiting to see how the economy turns out. Instead, Capps said that most dealers are hoping to receive something in the “near-luxury segment” along the lines of the current G sedan. “We're asking Infiniti for a whole new model in that segment, along with derivatives,” he said.

Another sought-after vehicle is a luxury crossover to sell alongside the current EX and FX models. “We don't have a core model in that segment, and we really need one,” Capps explained, describing the aforementioned EX and FX as “niche” vehicles.