At the Geneva Auto Show in March, Ferrari debuted its One-to-One personalization program on the 612 Scaglietti, offering a unique and completely individualized customization service for its cars. Now, just ahead of the Paris Motor Show where the all-new California will be on display, Ferrari has announced it is expanding the One-to-One program to its 599 GTB Fiorano.

The program assists buyers in the customization process by providing consultants to help offer choices and show what is possible. The One-to-One options and customization list adds even more unique content to Ferrari's already heady list, making a staggering number of potential variations possible, so a guiding hand is likely to be welcome.

Rival Italian carmaker Lamborghini launched a similar service for its cars last year. Called Ad Personam, the program is essentially the same as Ferrari's, enabling customers to order thoroughly unique cars directly from the manufacturer, with no third party customizers or intermediaries.

As with the debut of the One-to-One program at Geneva, an example car - this time a 599, however - is expected to be on display in Paris as an exemplar of what can be done. The bright-shining star of the California is likely to dominate the Ferrari section, but discerning buyers interested in a fully personalized GT car will have the opportunity to get directly to the business of ordering one, right on the show floor, thanks to the atelier that will also occupy the booth.

After the show is over, a dedicated atelier in Maranello will handle future One-to-One requests for the 599.