Hats, belts, shoes, sunglasses and clothes. They all began as tools, things that we used to make life easier. They served a purpose, and their function was more important than their form. Cut to the 21st century and all of these objects have become fashion accessories, spawning industries worth billions of dollars. Now the latest ‘tool’ to become a fashion statement may be sitting in your pocket right now.

That’s right, your car key.

It seems that keys have evolved, not in their function but rather in their form. You may be familiar with a key fob, especially if you own a BMW or Mercedes. A fob is a key, but not in the conventional sense of a slim, pointy metal thing. In up-market cars, key fobs are used to lock, unlock and open the boot in one convenient package, while still functioning as they car to start the engine.

Today there are a fair number of manufacturers opting to use key fobs, often because “keys do make a statement. The key is brought out and plunked down in various places, making it highly visible to others.”

But just which car manufacturer makes the most stylish key? After all, there's stiff competition amongst the major luxury brands, including all the usual German suspects, as well as brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Nate Chapnik has compiled a list of the Ten Most Stylish key fobs out there, a must-see if you’ve ever wondered whether your key fob is actually worth trying to impress the ladies with.

[Source: Edmunds]