While Chrysler is yet to reveal any solid plans for a modern-day Barracuda based on its all-new Dodge Challenger muscle car, in the past six months we have already seen a number of new ‘Cudas’ such as this purple convertible version from California’s Metalcrafters. The coachbuilder is the same firm responsible for last year’s SEMA Barracuda coupe concept and its latest droptop concept was on show over the weekend at the annual Spring Fling event in California.

Like the coupe, the new Cuda convertible sports a totally revised front-end with single projector headlights, a new grille and a black ‘shaker’ hood. The same story can be told for the rear, which also gets new lights, a central fuel-filler cap, and a small carbon-fiber bootlid spoiler.

As most readers would know, the original Cuda was sold as a Plymouth but since that brand has been dropped from Chrysler’s lineup this latest version would have to be sold either as a Dodge or Chrysler. The only badge appearing on this concept, however, was one from Metalcrafters.


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