This year Chrysler will launch its first hybrid models with the Chrysler Aspen and the Dodge Durango SUV's, both of which feature Hemi Hybrids. Chrysler may be a little late to the hybrid party, but that doesn't mean it will be left completely behind as the company is already planning to expand its hybrid range to other vehicles.

Mike Accavitti, Director of Dodge (which comes under Chrysler's umbrella) has told reporters that Dodge is interested in producing a hybrid Dodge Journey SUV, as well as a hybrid Dodge Avenger in the mid-sized sedan segment. Chrysler has also stated that the Dodge Ram may get an option hybrid in the next couple of years as well.

Accavitti admitted that Dodge is looking to capitalize in these areas but that resource limits represent a challenge.

The hybrid version of the 5.7L Hemi gets around 25% greater fuel efficiency than its non-hybrid sibling, which may just entice consumers to stick with SUV's just yet.

Both Ford and GM already offer hybrid vehicles and Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda are also planning to launch a number of mainstream hybrid models in the next two years.