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Michael Frank got his driver's license on the morning of his 16th birthday and a year later, bought his first car, a 1974 Ford Capri with a "sleeper" 2.8 liter V-6 (and a rusting carapace of peeling blue metallic paint). The first weekend of Capridom, while Michael was away on a school trip, a neighbor plowed into the car. Michael was thrilled; he took the insurance money and lovingly massaged every dent and wart out of the surface of his Ford--and then had it painted Candy Apple Red. The car tested Michael's mechanical acuity (though not more than the subsequent purchase of a 1960 Beetle) while cementing his love for all things automotive. As an adult (sometimes arguable) he's covered the car world as both a writer and editor for such distinguished organs as National Geographic Adventure, Esquire, Forbes and Forbes.com (and currently at times for Businessweek.com) and is also a deputy editor for two-wheel-focused magazines, Bicycling and Mountain Bike, both published by Rodale.


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