• Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow 01 concept

    Mercedes will field a team of their own and supply Venturi racing with similar cars.

  • Venturi commits to Extreme E electric SUV race series
    Venturi first to sign up for Extreme E electric SUV racing

    Formula E plans to launch the Extreme E off-road racing series featuring electric SUVs and Venturi, a Formula E competitor, is the first company to get onboard.

  • Felipe Massa Formula E announcement on May 15, 2018
    Felipe Massa to drive for Venturi in Formula E

    He only stepped down from Formula 1 last November but Brazilian racing driver Felipe Massa is already ready to jump back behind the wheel, only this time in the Formula E Championship. Massa confirmed Tuesday he will drive for Venturi starting from the 2018/2019 season, the electric car racing...

  • Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3
    Venturi and Ohio State University set 341.4 mph electric car record

    French firm Venturi may be most widely recognized for its expensive, oddball electric cars like the America SUV and Fetish sports car, but it’s also known in some circles for pushing zero-emission powertrain technology to the limits. For example, in 2010 Venturi reached a record speed of 303...

  • 2014 Venturi America
    More Powerful Venturi America Electric Crossover Debuts In Paris

    If you happen to be in the market for an all-electric beach buggy, then Venturi, based in Monaco, may have your ideal ride. It’s called the America, even though it isn’t officially sold here, and at the 2014 Paris Auto Show last week its maker Venturi rolled out an even more powerful...

  • Leonardo DiCaprio backs Formula E team
    Leonardo DiCaprio Forms Team For New Electric Car Racing Series

    The tenth and final team for the inaugural season of the Formula E Championship has been confirmed as Venturi Grand Prix, backed by French electric car company Venturi and celebrity environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Based in Monaco, the team will be led by DiCaprio and Venturi founder Gildo...

  • 2010 Venturi America electric car concept. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

    We first heard about Monaco’s Venturi Automobiles back in the early days of 2006, back when the company was first touting the benefits of zero-emission electric vehicles with the Tesla Roadster rivaling Fetish and unveiling wacky concepts like the Eclectic ‘autonomous energy’ vehicle. Several years on, and with a few industry tie-ups in the bag, Venturi has announced plans to establish operations in the lucrative U.S. market. Venturi is partnering with Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and plans to design, engineer and eventually manufacture electric vehicles on U.S...

  • Buckeye Bullet 2.5 (2010)
    Battery-powered EV goes 307 mph, sets new record

    Who said electric vehicles have to be slow? A team from Ohio State University's Center for Auto Research and the guys at French EV startup Venturi has set a new speed record for a battery-powered vehicle: 307.7 mph. Earlier this week at Bonneville Salt Flats, piloted by Roger Schroer, the car...

  • Venturi planning Eclectic II for Paris Motor Show
    Venturi Reveals Second-Generation Eclectic EV

    Venturi has taken a major step closer to mass producing its all-electric Eclectic urban runabout, revealing the second-generation model for the first time along with information about establishing a new factory in France. The Eclectic was first shown off in concept form at the 2006 Paris Motor...

  • 2008 Venturi Volage Concept
    Venturi And Michelin Build All-Electric Volage Concept

    Venturi is most widely recognized for its all-electric Fetish, a compact Roadster similar to the Tesla Roadster that is still in development and is due to hit the streets in June of next year. The company, which is based in Monaco, has now presented a new electric concept in the form of the Volage...

  • Venturi boosts output of all-electric Fetish roadster
    Venturi Boosts Output Of All-Electric Fetish Roadster

    Monaco’s Venturi Automobiles has displayed the latest version of its Fetish electric roadster at today's Top Marques Monaco and revealed new production details about the car, which is due to hit the streets in June of next year. Venturi has managed to boost output of the car’s electric...

  • Venturi's solar-electro hybrid Astrolab
    Venturi's Solar-Electro Hybrid Astrolab

    Venturi never ceases to amaze us with their eco-friendly creations. In addition to the already unique Eclectic and Fetish, we now have the world’s first commercially-available electric-solar hybrid in the form of the Venturi Astrolab. The car, which resembles a rolling wing with four wheels...

  • Wind and solar powered Venturi Eclectic

    Sitting alongside its Fetish sibling on the Venturi display at the Paris Motor Show is the self powered Venturi Eclectic. Touted as an autonomous energy vehicle, the Eclectic can be powered independently of any natural energy reserves. It’s powered by a small 22hp (16kW), 50Nm electric motor, and is normally charged up by the 2.5 square metres of solar cells on its roof. The Eclectic is designed as a daily-driver for urban areas and more closely resembles a golf buggy than an actual car. Designer Sacha Lakic describes the vehicle as a “modern, autonomous and intelligent...

  • Paris: Venturi Fetish electric car
    Paris: Venturi Fetish Electric Car

    Monaco’s Venturi Automobiles has displayed the latest version of its Venturi Fetish electric car at the Paris Auto Show. Hot on the heels of the fast-selling Tesla Roadster, Venturi is promoting the benefits of its own electric roadster. Its 31 batteries provide the electric motor with a peak...

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