Venturi has taken a major step closer to mass producing its all-electric Eclectic urban runabout, revealing the second-generation model for the first time along with information about establishing a new factory in France. The Eclectic was first shown off in concept form at the 2006 Paris Motor Show, and despite its odd looks managed to find the homes of 200 willing buyers.

The original concept looked more like a golf cart and featured an electric powertrain charged up by solar panels on the roof or a small wind-powered generator for when the sun is down. The new model is slightly smaller, more aerodynamic and is available with optional doors for the first time.

Like the original the new Eclectic also comes with roof-mounted solar panels and a 300 watt wind-turbine that can carry the vehicle up to 10km on a full day's charge. Otherwise the vehicle can travel a total of 50km using its lithium-ion batteries at a top speed of 45km/h. Its electric motor is rated at just 4kW and 52Nm of torque, and the entire vehicle weighs in at 390kg.

Pricing for the second-generation Eclectic will start at €15,000 and production is expected to start in October next year at a proposed plant near Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France. Venturi is hoping to build up to 3,000 Eclectics per year although final production numbers and pricing could change before the vehicle’s sales launch.

Coinciding with the latest announcement, Venturi unveiled a new all-electric concept at this week’s Paris Motor Show that it hopes to start building in 2012. The new concept is called the Volage and it features a new dual-motor in-wheel powertrain co-developed with Michelin.


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