Who said electric vehicles have to be slow?

A team from Ohio State University's Center for Auto Research and the guys at French EV startup Venturi has set a new speed record for a battery-powered vehicle: 307.7 mph.

Earlier this week at Bonneville Salt Flats, piloted by Roger Schroer, the car easily broke the standing record for a battery-powered vehicle, 245.5 mph, and on a single pass even hit 320 mph, according to the team's blog. However, it's still waiting for certification from the FIA.

The team's former Buckeye Bullet 2 version, also an EV but hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered, had reached nearly 303 mph in 2009.

Although essentially the same body that the team has run the past several years, the car is completely new, taking advantage of a new partnership with EV maker Venturi, and is now powered by A123 Systems lithium-ion batteries rather than hydrogen fuel cells. With a new Buckeye Bullet 3 that's in the works, the team will construct an all-new body and is considering four-wheel drive.