• Tuned Mitsubishi Colt with 963 hp.

    See a Mitsubishi Colt do 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds.

  • Mustang Cobra Jet Twin-Turbo Concept, SEMA 2012
    Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Gets Twin Turbos: SEMA 2012

    The 2012 SEMA show is well underway, and among the various tuned and factory custom cars on the show floor, there are a few legitimate race cars. One of them is the straight-strip terrorizing Mustang Cobra Jet--now with twin turbos. Get more Mustang news: Subscribe to our daily newsletter Though we...

  • 2013 Ford Focus ST
    Ford's Focus ST EcoBoost Turbo Tech Comes From Space

    No, this isn't a story of first contact, or of a benevolent alien civilization bestowing the miracles of eons of technological development. Rather, it's the story of how high-tech materials enable mundane cars to do extraordinary things, like spin a turbine at 190,000 rpm. That, surprisingly...

  • 2009 VW Passat wagon test car w/Bosch-Mahle turbocharged 1.2-liter, 3-cyl engine, from WardsAuto.com
    3-Cyl Volkswagen Passat: An Insight Into Extreme Downsizing

    Think turbocharger and you may think high performance, but the latest generation of cars are using turbochargers in order to maintain performance whilst engine capacity decreases in the push for improved fuel economy. Volkswagen is no stranger to forced induction, having used turbochargers on...

  • 2012 BMW Z4 sDrive 28i, BMWs first U.S. 4-cylinder car since the 1990s, at BMW Manhattan media event
    BMW Brings The Four-Cylinder Back With 2012 Z4 sDrive28i

    European luxury and sports car makers are no strangers to four-cylinders--they just rarely bring them to the U.S. BMW changes that this year, however, with the introduction of the four-cylinder Z4 sDrive28i. Sporting 2.0-liters of displacement and a twin-scroll turbocharger, it packs 240 horsepower...

  • Scuderia Toro Rosso STR5 2010 F1 car
    F1 Officially Announces Turbo 1.6-Liter Four-Cylinders For 2013

    The grid has been all a-bluster with talk of the coming engine changes for 2013 for months now, but today, it's official: the 18,000 rpm, 2.4-liter V-8 is now on its deathbed in Formula 1, its 12,000 rpm 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo replacement announced today for the 2013 season. The goal: a...

  • 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 First Drive

    Smoky burnouts, lurid powerslides, brutalized rev-limiters and V-8 engines--those are the things that make Shelby-tuned Mustangs great. But as automakers and customers around the world bow down to environmental consciousness and switch to downsized engines, so must the tuning scene. According to the rumor mill, Shelby is looking at several different options for its future performance Mustangs, one of which is a new twin-turbo package for the pony car’s 3.7-liter V-6 engine. Already a strong hitter in stock form, thanks to an available 305 horsepower, a twin-turbo kit bolted on could give...

  • 2011 Ford Mustang V-6  -  30 mpg
    No Ford Mustang EcoBoost, But Tuners Prepping Turbo Stangs

    A year or two ago, the rumor mill was abuzz with speculation that Ford might offer a version of its EcoBoost V-6 on the 2011 Mustang—and it might even replace the V-8.

  • Spoon Sports Tuned 2011 Honda CR-Z
    How To Go About Tuning A Honda CR-Z

    The Honda CR-Z, a sporting hybrid that is neither fast nor very fuel efficient, is just being released in Japan. When any new car gets released, parts and tuning companies like Spoon Sports and Noblesse are quick to snatch up the car and develop parts for them. Spoon is going to have their work cut...

  • Ferrari engine
    Report: Ferrari Considering Turbocharged Engines

    Turbocharging will come eventually, but Ferrari need to solve the issue of turbo lag.

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