Ferrari engine

Ferrari engine

It won't power appear in the new 458 Italia or even the FXX experimental car but a turbocharged engine might power one of the next-generation cars from Ferrari.

The Italian automaker has ruled out nothing in terms of technology as it works to keep high-performance a priority while accommodating strict emissions rules, and turbocharging is one such technology that has been successful in the past.

The only problem is turbo-lag, according to Ferrari engine developer Jean-Jacques His.

Speaking with Autocar, he said: “Turbocharging will come eventually, but we need to solve the issue of turbo lag.” He went on to explain that a delay of any sort before the power arrived was unacceptable for a Ferrari engine.

Earlier this year we saw leaked patent sketches of a V-8 powertrain with a twin-turbocharger arrangement. Rather than a large single turbo, the engine in the patent goes the BMW-route of two smaller turbochargers in order to reduce lag and provide an even power band.

Already the automaker has begun to employ some small technological tools to keep power up while reducing fuel consumption. The recently released California uses the company's first direct-injection engine, for example. Other developments include more dual-clutch transmission applications and an advanced hybrid all-wheel drive system.