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  • Travis Pastrana's custom Subaru WRX STI built for Gymkhana 11

    Ken Block's former rally racing teammate, Travis Pastrana, will pilot this modified Subaru WRX STI in Gymkhana 11.

  • Travis Pastrana Evel Knievel stunt
    Travis Pastrana broke Evil Knievel's records by landing three incredible jumps

    Travis Patrana paid homage to Evel Knievel in the best way possible on Sunday night. The 34-year-old motocross icon, race car driver, and all-around daredevil performed three jumps in Las Vegas. Each one was modeled after a jump Knievel completed or attempted, and Pastrana went just a bit bigger on...

  • Travis Pastrana at Richmond, 2011
    Travis Pastrana Pulls Out Of NASCAR After Failing To Find Sponsors

    Everybody's favorite real-life action hero (and genuinely nice guy) Travis Pastrana today admitted defeat in the competitive, expensive world of NASCAR. Pastrana announced he hasn't had the success necessary to secure sponsors for next season, and will be moving on to other pursuits. Pastrana gave...

  • 2013 Dodge Dart Global RallyCross car
    Dodge And Travis Pastrana Sign Up For Second Season Of Global RallyCross

    A new season of the Global RallyCross Championship starts this month, and returning for another year of competition is Dodge, together with star driver Travis Pastrana. Pastrana will once again be piloting a specially prepared Dodge Dart rally car built by SRT Motorsports, of which two examples...

  • NASCAR on iRacing
    How Travis Pastrana Uses iRacing For Real Racing: Video

    Pro drivers, despite living the dream, don't always get that much track time on a given race weekend. So what do they do to get an edge--or even just to get familiar with a trak they haven't raced on before? They use simulators--and some of them use familiar, retail sims that us regular folks can...

  • Travis Pastrana to race TORC Series off-road trucks
    Travis Pastrana To Add TORC Series Off-Road Truck Racing To His Résumé

    Rally, NASCAR, and X Games just aren't enough four-wheeled competition for Travis Pastrana, so he's going off-road racing in a truck later this month at the Chicagoland Speedway's Route 66 Raceway in the TORC Series. Pastrana's ride will be a TORC Series Pro 2WD truck from Menzies Racing Red...

  • Travis Pastrana jumps his Dodge Dart rallycross car at Texas Motor Speedway. Image via Facebook.

    You've already seen Travis Pastrana at the wheel of his new Dodge Dart rally/rallycross car. Now you can see the car in wheel-to-wheel action against the best in the business as they take to the track--and the jumps--at Texas Motor Speedway. The Global RallyCross Championship, if you're not familiar, is a bit like supermoto for cars, with elements of track driving and motocross-style jumps thrown in. For Pastrana, a whiz on a two wheels or four, the event looks like fun, but the result wasn't great. A bad start, a spin, and the chance of a good result was gone. Regardless of the outcome...

  • Travis Pastrana in OnPace episode 1
    Travis Pastrana Explains His Entry Into NASCAR: Video

    Travis Pastrana's career as an X Games superstar, daredevil, and rally driver is already one for the history books, but now he's setting out on a (somewhat) safer course: NASCAR. This first episode of what promises to be an interesting series tells the story of how Pastrana got into NASCAR--by way...

  • 2013 Dodge Dart Global RallyCross car
    2013 Dodge Dart And Travis Pastrana Ready For RallyCross

    For anyone unfamiliar with RallyCross, it’s essentially a form of sprint style rally racing held on a closed track usually covered in gravel or dirt and featuring Motocross-style jumps. The cars that compete in RallyCross are typically based on regular production models, though they’re...

  • Travis Pastrana at Richmond, 2011
    Travis Pastrana To Focus On NASCAR Once Healed

    After severely crushing his ankle trying to land a 720-degree trick he calls the "toilet paper roll," Travis Pastrana may be looking for a safer form of motorsport. Today, the motorcycle stuntman turned rally-racer said he'll be focusing on his NASCAR program with Michael Waltrip once he recovers...

  • Nitro Circus monster truck. Photo courtesy of Monster Jam.
    Travis Pastrana To Drive Monster Truck: Video

    The nicest, craziest guy in motorsports stunts is about to get behind the wheel of a monster truck. This can only be a good thing.

  • Travis Pastrana pokes fun at Ken Block in new video
    Pastrana Mocks Block In Latest Rally Promo: Video

    Grannies + cars = views, right, Ken? Looks like Travis may have the formula slightly wrong, but the results are hilarious.

  • Travis Pastrana at Richmond, 2011

    NASCAR ain't easy. Just ask Travis Pastrana. After largely dominating North American rally for the past several years, he's finding it hard to make it to the front of the pack in the roundy-round crowd. His latest race at Richmond in the Nationwide Series saw him finish 33rd after contact with the wall. Always the good sport, Pastrana is predictably humble about his performance, saying he's running for experience and the chance to improve right now, though he's disappointed not to have done better at Richmond after starting from 29th. At one point in the 100-lap race, Pastrana ran as high as...

  • Travis Pastrana and his Waltrip Racing NASCAR race car
    Video: Pastrana-Waltrip NASCAR Team Official Launch

    "HELLS YES!" That's Travis' answer to the question "you sure you wanna do this?" as he sits behind the wheel and under a tarp in the newly-formed Pastrana-Waltrip racing NASCAR Nationwide team car. That's our answer too. For those of you who may not appreciate the subtleties and refinement of the...

  • Travis Pastrana and his Waltrip Racing NASCAR race car
    Travis Pastrana Joins Waltrip Racing For NASCAR Bid

    Earlier today we brought you news that Travis Pastrana had ended his partnership with long-time rally partner Subaru. At the time, we speculated that he may well already have another deal lined up. Some sleuthing by our expert social media team turned up something interesting: a Twitter account...

  • Travis Pastrana sets record time on Mt. Washington Auto Road climb
    Breaking: Travis Pastrana, Subaru End Partnership

    Extreme sports legend and probably the nicest guy in motorsports Travis Pastrana has decided to end his five-year relationship with Subaru, the company announced today. It's not yet clear if Pastrana has another manufacturer lined up for sponsorship, but his Red Bull partnership looks to be...

  • Tommi Makinen with a Subaru WRX STI
    2010 SEMA Preview: Subaru Bringing Pastrana's Jump Car, 5 Others

    If you aren't already aware, Travis Pastrana, while being one of the nicest guys in motorsports, is also one of the craziest. Case in point: he set the world record for jumping a Subaru WRX STI onto a barge in Long Beach Harbor. That car, along with Tommi Makinen's Nurbugring lap car and a handful...

  • Travis Pastrana sets record time on Mt. Washington Auto Road climb
    Video: Travis Pastrana's Record Run Up Mt. Washington

    It's one thing to see a rally car and its occupants flying through a stage at breakneck speed. It's wholly another to see how they prepare for the feat, running the recce, making pace notes, figuring out their own language for each element. This video covers it all. If you missed the announcement...

  • Travis Pastrana sets record time on Mt. Washington Auto Road climb

    One of the nicest and craziest guys in motorsports just laid down a record-setting run on his first attempt up the Mt. Washington Climb in Vermont. Pastrana got to the top of the 6,288-foot mountain in just 6:20.47, almost 22 seconds quicker than the previous record, set in 1998 by Frank Sprongl. Pastrana's average speed up the mountain was 72 mph, despite an average grade of 11.6 percent over the 7.6-mile course. The car that took him to the top? None other than his 2011 Red Bull Subaru WRX STI rally car. "This is an amazing road, it’s just so much fun," said Pastrana. "It’s...

  • Screencap from the Game Of Suck highlight video
    Video Twofer Tuesday: Block, Pastrana, Subarus And Weirdness

    These two videos stretch the limits of car performance and human comprehension.

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