Rally, NASCAR, and X Games just aren't enough four-wheeled competition for Travis Pastrana, so he's going off-road racing in a truck later this month at the Chicagoland Speedway's Route 66 Raceway in the TORC Series.

Pastrana's ride will be a TORC Series Pro 2WD truck from Menzies Racing Red BUll/Ram/Mopar/KMC Wheels. From that typically long list of sponsor names, we can derive that it's based on a Ram product--albeit very loosely.

So loosely that it produces 900 horsepower and weighs just 4,000 pounds.

Pastrana's team for the race has confidence he'll do well. "Anyone that's won an overall national motocross title knows what it's like to bang bar-to-bar from one end of a track to the other. Travis is no stranger to that," said Menzies Racing driver Ricky Johnson. "Add to that the fact he's an accomplished rally car racer, along with the advantage of a Menzies Racing-built PRO 2 truck, and Travis will be a strong contender for a podium spot next week in Chicago."

We're sure he will be--if he can keep his penchant for crashing in spectacular fashion from getting in the way.

The race takes place Thursday and Friday, July 19-20, at the Chicagoland Speedway's dirt oval. Tickets are just $20.