McLaren F1

  • 1995 McLaren F1 (Photo by Issimi)

    One of 64 McLaren F1 supercars is for sale through the private broker Issimi. Time to clear out the off-shore account.

  • McLaren F1 GTR Longtail for sale (Photo by Tom Hartley Jnr.)
    Bank breaker: Rare 1996 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail for sale

    The first McLaren F1 GTR Longtail ever built, one of just two development cars, is for sale in the U.K.

  • Teaser for GMA T50 supercar due in 2022
    Gordon Murray could return to Le Mans with the T50, his McLaren F1 successor

    Gordon Murray, father of the McLaren F1, is in talks to return to Le Mans with his company's T50 hypercar.

  • McLaren F1 #063
    McLaren spent 18 months restoring this F1

    Even though the McLaren F1 isn’t quite old enough to be considered vintage, the supercar is getting up there in age, with the newest example now sitting at 21 years of age. Keenly aware of that, McLaren launched a factory-back rejuvenation program for its most iconic model. The first car to...

  • 1994 McLaren F1 LM-Specification - Photo credit: RM Sotheby's
    Uber-rare McLaren F1 LM-Specification sells for $19.8M

    Just two McLaren F1s were upgraded to F1 LM spec, and one of them was just sold at a 2019 Monterey Car Week auction.

  • BMW E34 M5 Touring
    There's a secret BMW E34 M5 Wagon with a McLaren F1 engine in it

    BMW has hidden a development mule for the vaunted supercar that features a magnificent engine planted in the snout of an M5 wagon.

  • Teaser for GMA T50 supercar due in 2022

    Gordon Murray has released the first details on what he calls the last and greatest "analog" supercar.

  • Dendrobium D-1 XP-2 prototype
    McLaren F1 designer joins Dendrobium electric supercar project

    The man who penned the McLaren F1 has joined Dendrobium to work on the technology firm's electric supercar project. Dendrobium announced in February the appointment of Peter Stevens, revealing that the British designer had already enhanced the design of the latest prototype of the company's...

  • Mika Häkkinen drives 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans winner
    Mika Häkkinen drives the McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans winner

    Twenty-three years after the #59 McLaren F1 GTR crossed the finish line in first place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the car is back at the track. And McLaren put a legendary driver behind the wheel. Mika Häkkinen, former McLaren driver and 1998 and 1999 Formula 1 World Champion, climbed behind...

  • McLaren Speedtail
    McLaren Speedtail is a hypercar spaceship with central driving position, 1,035 hp

    McLaren on Friday unveiled a car billed as the spiritual successor to the legendary F1: the Speedtail. It's a streamlined hypercar with a central driving position and hybrid powertrain, and just 106 will be built, the number matching the original number of F1s sold. Unlike rival hypercars like the...

  • McLaren F1 GTR 25R
    McLaren F1 supercar can now be certified by the factory

    McLaren built 106 examples of its iconic F1 supercar from 1993 to 1998. That includes 71 versions for the road, 28 for the racetrack, and seven prototypes. McLaren wants to make sure each of these cars remain in tip-top shape and is thoroughly documented. The new McLaren F1 Certification program...

  • Teaser for McLaren Speedtail debuting October 26
    McLaren confirms Speedtail name, 2018 reveal for F1 successor

    McLaren's spiritual successor to the F1 will be called a Speedtail, the British firm announced Wednesday. The name is meant to evoke the car's flowing, highly streamlined design. Code-named the BP32 and described as a hyper GT, the Speedtail will make its debut later this year ahead of the first...

  • 1998 McLaren F1 LM-Spec for sale

    This one is something special. Chassis #073 is just one example of a group of spectacular machines. But within that group, this very car stands out. That's because it's a McLaren F1, and it's one of only five customer cars upgraded to a higher level known as LM Spec. A McLaren F1 LM Spec car is fitted with a powertrain designed for McLaren's race cars, yet this specific car still retains its road-car ready interior. It's generally considered to be one of the greatest McLaren F1 road cars ever built, and, for the second time in recent years, it's for sale. In 2015, Chassis #073 crossed the...

  • Lark McLaren F1 GTR
    Street-legal McLaren F1 GTR for sale

    Have you ever wanted to own a race car with actual racing provenance? Today is your lucky day. Well, really every day is your lucky day if you can afford to buy this McLaren F1 GTR. That's because it's a multi-million-dollar, race-prepped F1 that's been used in battle, now ready for road-legal...

  • 1995 McLaren F1 for sale at Bonhams auction
    This is basically an all-new McLaren F1 for sale at $24M

    You missed your chance to buy the McLaren F1 when it was originally sold in the 1990s. All 106 examples were built between the years 1992 and 1998, and each of them cost colossal sums of money and remain, much to the chagrin of the similar-era Jaguar XJ220, the poster child for all things hypercar...

  • North American McLaren F1 Service Center in Pennsylvania
    McLaren now has a service center for your F1 in the US

    With just 106 examples in existence, we can understand why it’s taken McLaren more than two decades to open up its first dedicated F1 service center in the United States. It means local F1 owners, of which there are believed to be 20 individuals, will no longer have to ship their cars to the...

  • Teaser for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004
    SCG reveals McLaren F1-style central driving position for new supercar

    Since our initial post on Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ new supercar came out a week ago, company founder James Glickenhaus has dropped new details including a teaser sketch showing a potential cabin design where the driver’s seat is mounted in the center, à la the McLaren F1...

  • McLaren F1 - Image via Tom Hartley Jnr
    There's a brand-new, never-registered McLaren F1 for sale

    If you’re looking for an example of extreme restraint, you won’t find a better example than the person that took delivery of a McLaren F1…and then never drove it. That’s right. Someone bought one of the 106 F1s to be built and decided to park it. In fact, the car has never...

  • McLaren BP23 development mule

    The first photos of the McLaren BP23 development mule have been released by McLaren and they reveal quite a bit about the car. The spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 of the 1990s, the BP23 promises to be the fastest McLaren ever, but it will be a grand tourer and will not be track focused. That means McLaren likely won't chase lap times for its "fastest" claim. We're guessing 0-100 kph or top speed might be the company's measuring sticks. That would mean the BP23 would have to beat the P1's 2.8-second 0-100 kph time or the F1's 240-mph top speed. "It’s just faster—that’s...

  • McLaren 570GT finished in XP Green
    McLaren builds bespoke 570GTs to match F1 XP GT ‘Longtail'

    McLaren may be churning out incredible sports cars today, but when enthusiasts hear the name "McLaren," many of them think of one car: the F1. The iconic supercar that was nearly all Formula One technology remains a marvel to this day, and McLaren has reached back into its the archives to honor the...

  • McLaren F1 after 25 years
    The McLaren F1 was almost all Formula 1 technology

    It's hard to believe it's been a quarter of a century since the McLaren F1 took the world by storm. The now-legendary F1 has been heralded by car enthusiasts of multiple generations thanks to its world-record setting top-speed run and cutting-edge technology. Mind you, this car was built long...

  • McLaren F1 sold for $15.6 million
    First US street-legal McLaren F1 sells for whopping $15.6M

    When we caught wind of the first U.S. street-legal McLaren F1 for sale, we said there wouldn't be enough time for all of us to collectively scrape our change together. Since the auction has concluded, that statement rings truer than we first imagined. Why? Because this special McLaren F1 has become...

  • 1995 McLaren F1 for sale at Bonhams auction
    The first US street-legal McLaren F1 is for sale

    There won't be enough time for everyone here at Motor Authority to collectively scrape change, empty piggy banks, and check couch cushions. But, boy, do we wish we had all the couches, piggy banks, and change cups to buy this. By "this," we mean the very first street-legal McLaren F1 sold in the...

  • This is the origin story of the McLaren F1
    The origin story of the McLaren F1

    Back in the late 1990s, the McLaren F1 arrived to set the world on fire. It blasted well past the 200-mph mark into unknown territory when it set a production car top-speed record. That figure, which has of course since been beaten, was an impossible 240.1 mph. You know that number well, but do you...

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