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  • Local Motors Rally Fighter up for auction (photo via Silicon Valley Disposition)

    The public can buy assets from the small Arizona-based boutique automaker Local Motors, including a pair of high-power Rally Fighter off-roaders

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Local Motors, maker of Rally Fighter, reportedly shuts down

    An ambitious company that set out to change how cars are built looks to have reached the end of the road.

  • Local Motors Olli Concept
    IBM, Local Motors ready to commercialize autonomous bus

    Does a bus really need a driver? IBM and crowd-sourcing automotive outfit Local Motors don't think so, as their new Olli concept recently demonstrated on the roads near Washington, D.C. ALSO SEE: Deployable mobile tire spikes could stop you in your tracks Calling Olli a concept might be a bit...

  • Local Motors LM3D Swim
    Local Motors Unveils Its Latest 3D-Printed Car: Video

    Local Motors is keen to bring 3D printing into larger focus within the automotive world. Certain automakers or component manufacturers might make a part this way, but Local Motors is looking to make a nearly complete car using 3D printing. Recently, Local Motors showed us this was possible by way...

  • Local Motors Strati 3D-printed car concept
    Local Motors Moving Along With Plans For 3D-Printed Car: Video

    Last year, boutique company Local Motors announced a contest to design a 3D printed car. And now, Automotive News (subscription required) is reporting that the company says it will have a version of the winning design, dubbed the Strati, available to consumers in 2017. According to the Local Motors...

  • Local Motors Strati 3D-printed car concept
    Local Motors Announces Lightweight Car Challenge: Video

    The Local Motors LITECAR Challenge seeks radical new ways to reduce vehicle weight.

  • Local Motors 3D Printed Car Strati

    Local Motors made a bit of news earlier this year when the company said it was planning to create a 3D-printed car. We first heard of the plan back in March. Then in June a design winner was announced. Just a few months later, the car has now been printed and driven. It's called the Strati, and it came to life right on the floor of the International Manufacturing Show held in Chicago. The printing process took 44 hours, but Local Motors is refining the process with a goal time of just 24 hours. DON'T MISS: Enjoy This Blast To 213 MPH In The Ferrari LaFerrari: Video Once assembled, the Strati...

  • Local Motors Strati 3D-printed car concept
    Local Motors Gives Update On Sports Car Platform Contest: Video

    America's Local Motors made headlines with its last major project, the crowdsourced off-road Rally Fighter, and now it's set to inspire driving enthusiasts anew with a new lightweight sports car. Not that the car will be designed in-house, of course—once again, it's up to skilled designers...

  • Local Motors announces upcoming street/track car
    Local Motors Announces Street/Track Car Project: Video

    A new street/track car is coming, and it’s coming from the team that brought us the awesomeness that is the Rally Fighter. Focusing their powers of open-source construction and outside-the-box thinking, the Local Motors crew will move from the dirt to the pavement with a modular car designed...

  • Local Motors Strati 3D-printed car concept
    Local Motors Announces Winner of 3D-Printed Car Design Contest

    Local Motors will print a car based on the winning design at the International Manufacturing Technology Show this fall.

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Local Motors Plans To 3D Print A Car

    Steel stamping and production lines? That's so last-year--what you really want is a 3D printed car. MUST SEE: 1969 Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra Jet Found In Pristine Condition: Auction The concept is nothing new, but finding a printer big enough to deal with car panels isn't an easy tax. It's one...

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter online configurator
    Local Motors Launches Rally Fighter Online Configurator: Video

    Local Motors has taken its open collaboration, local-building approach to making vehicles and made it even more fun to participate--by giving users an online configurator for its Rally Fighter off-road vehicle. The company's approach is a unique one, having designed the Rally Fighter through an...

  • Jay Leno with the Local Motors Rally Fighter

    If you asked us to describe what Local Motors’ Rally Fighter was, we’d have a hard time filling in the blanks after the phrase “a coupe.” While it’s designed primarily for off-road fun, it’s still plenty capable on road, and it can be licensed in all 50 of the United States. The P-51 Mustang-influenced Rally Fighter also has the distinction of being the first “crowdsourced” automobile, designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. As Local Motors’ CEO Jay Rogers explains, the idea was to create a high-performance vehicle that owners could still...

  • Anthony Franze's BMW Reward Me concept
    BMW and Local Motors Pick Urban Automotive Technology Winners

    In September, we told you that BMW was partnering with automotive crowdsourcing expert Local Motors for an urban automotive technology design contest. The idea was simple: use Local Motors’ Forge community to address challenges faced by urban drivers in the coming years. As The Forge has...

  • Anej Kostrevic's winning design entry, the Domino's Pack
    Local Motors And Domino’s Select Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Design

    Last August we brought you news that Domino’s Pizza was collaborating with Local Motors, creator of the Rally Fighter, to crowdsource the “Ultimate Delivery Vehicle” for Domino’s wheel-shaped, tasty edible wares. Besides 15 minutes of fame, the contest promised to pay...

  • BMW teams with Local Motors on the 'Urban Driving Experience Challenge'
    BMW Teams With Local Motors On Future Urban Automotive Technology

    Over the years, BMW has been an industry leader in the development of automotive technology. In 1972, BMW was the first to use a radar-based distance warning in its BMW Turbo concept; in 1980, BMW became the first automaker to collect telemetry data in racing, and in 1994 BMW introduced the...

  • Domino's and Local Motors join forces to create the Ultimate (Pizza) Delivery Vehicle
    Local Motors, Domino's Crowdsourcing 'Ultimate Delivery Vehicle': Video

    The open-source minds behind the Local Motors Rally Fighter have joined forces with Domino's pizza to conceive the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. And you (or people like you) are the brains that will imagine it. Domino's is "reinventing the way pizza is delivered, and [they] want your help," according...

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Local Motors 'Forges' Its Community Development Interface

    Local Motors is moving ahead with its open-source production model.

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter

    Back in March of 2008, a start-up brought a new paradigm to the automotive world. That start-up was Local Motors, a Massachusetts-based venture that believed it could build innovative, environmentally responsible cars by crowd-sourcing design and building cars on demand at a series of "micro" factories. While it remains to be seen if Local Motors' vision will be successful at actually selling cars--only about a dozen have been sold so far, according to a recent MSNBC article--it has certainly been successful at developing innovative, attention-catching automobiles and designs, particularly...

  • DARPA, Local Motors team for XC2V Design Challenge
    DARPA Taps Local Motors, Public For Crowd-Sourced XC2V Military Support Vehicle

    The XC2V (Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle) Design Challenge is underway, and it's perhaps one of the weirdest--and coolest--military competitions in recent memory. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is behind the $10,000 challenge to develop a next-generation...

  • Local Motors' Rally Fighter showing off
    Video: Local Motors Rally Fighter Kicks Sand In Your Face

    Freakishly shaped, crowd-designed, and "open source," the Local Motors Rally Fighter is unique even among the world of purpose-built dirt bashers. It's also a ton of fun to watch as it does its thing. You've already seen the Rally Fighter get freaky in the dirt, but it's up to its antics again...

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter
    2010 SEMA Preview: Local Motors Open-Source Rally Fighter

    "Open source" is a phrase not too many people outside the computer software world understand. But it's a concept Local Motors is trying to bring to the automotive world, with their first open-sourced vehicle, the Rally Fighter. This video previews its SEMA appearance. How does open source figure...

  • Local Motors Rally Fighter
    Video: Local Motors Rally Fighter Gets Freaky In The Dirt

    The first-ever Creative Commons rally facer looks impressive in action.

  • Local Motors to build Rally Fighter Concept
    Local Motors to build Rally Fighter Concept

    For anyone unfamiliar with Local Motors, it’s a start-up based in Massachusetts that specializes in small-scale automotive manufacturing and design with a skew towards development of efficient vehicle technologies. Over the past year the company has run a number of design competitions for...

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