A new street/track car is coming, and it’s coming from the team that brought us the awesomeness that is the Rally Fighter.

Focusing their powers of open-source construction and outside-the-box thinking, the Local Motors crew will move from the dirt to the pavement with a modular car designed to start life as a stripped-down, minimalist track car, then be upgradeable to a road-going, (reasonably) comfortable coupe.

If you’re wondering what such a tantalizing design might look like, get in line. The Local Motors guys do show some of their past in-house projects, but the teaser for the upcoming track/street special is … an empty square of asphalt.

While it’s likely to be a long and tricky road bringing such a flexible enthusiast’s car to market, Local Motors has proved its mettle, and we have high hopes. We’ll be following the process as it unfolds, so stay tuned for more.