Local Motors has taken its open collaboration, local-building approach to making vehicles and made it even more fun to participate--by giving users an online configurator for its Rally Fighter off-road vehicle.

The company's approach is a unique one, having designed the Rally Fighter through an open competition and getting the customers themselves to help build their own vehicles. As you'll have seen when the car featured on Jay Leno's Garage though, the Rally Fighter is no half-baked kit car--it's a serious off-road machine with serious engineering behind it.

The configurator is a little less serious, and gives you the option to sticker up your ideal Rally Fighter, from a series of colors, decals and accessories. It isn't quite as freeform as some online configurators we've seen, but there's enough to let you personalize the car--two-tone paint jobs, chrome finishes, camo stickers and rally spot lights are all on the agenda. As you can see from our small gallery, there's certainly scope for creating something pretty cool, and you can set the car in an urban environment or dirt track to finish it off.

What you can't appreciate from the configurator is the car's engineering, nor its raucous GM-sourced V-8 engine--but if you've $99,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can experience those for real.

Interested? You can find the Rally Fighter configurator here.


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