• Icon 1950 Chevrolet Thriftmaster pickup Truck

    This stunning Chevy pickup has retained its classic style but benefits from a whole host of modern upgrades.

  • Icon Reformer 1970 Ford F-100
    Icon restomods a 1970 Ford F-100

    The restomod experts at Icon are back with a new creation based on an iconic Ford pickup truck.

  • 1949 Hudson Coupe
    Low and not slow: Icon Derelicts a 1949 Hudson Coupe

    Icon, the Californian design and engineering house, may have gotten its start building classic 4x4s, but the company’s line of patina-embracing Derelict cars have become its signature offering. Over the years Icon has produced some pretty fantastic Derelict cars, but its latest creation might...

  • 1954 Chevrolet Thriftmaster by Icon
    Icon works its magic with 1954 Chevrolet pickup truck

    Beloved Icon has hashed out its gorgeous work again. The restomodding shop based in Los Angeles, California, has released its latest project into the wild: a 1954 Chevrolet Thriftmaster pickup truck. The Thriftmaster, part of the Chevrolet Advanced Design series, was the first redesign for the...

  • Icon 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser
    Icon restomods Joe Rogan's Toyota Land Cruiser

    Icon continues to work its magic with numerous vintage SUVs, and the latest to go under the knife is a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser. It also happens to be Joe Rogan's personal vehicle, and it's clear the 51-year-old comedian has pretty good taste in modifications. According to a video Icon's Jonathan...

  • Icon's 1949 Mercury Derelict EV coupe
    The sleeper of sleepers: Icon builds 1949 Mercury Coupe powered by Tesla tech

    Everyone loves a sleeper—something that looks rather mundane, but ends up ripping the doors off of anything in its way. This 1949 Mercury Coupe was never a full-blown hot rod, but it's now one of the coolest electric cars we've seen. Icon undertook the build as a way to push the boundaries of...

  • Icon FJ40 Baja Edition

    Back in 2007, SCORE turned to Icon and Jonathan Ward for a run of special Baja Edition FJ40 Land Cruisers. Those trucks were priced at $145,000 and boasted far more aggressive off-road chops then the average Icon build. Fast forward to today, and Icon has been tasked with revisiting the style and capability of those old rigs but for a one-off FJ40 built for a special customer. It's called the Icon FJ40 Baja Edition. This truck serves as a thank you between business partners. Years back, one partner told the other that he'd build him a special Icon truck if the company hit a certain financial...

  • 1966 Ford Bronco Icon Derelict
    1966 Ford Bronco Roadster gets the Icon Derelict treatment

    Back in 1966, Ford created the Bronco in an effort to capture the growing enthusiasm for off-road adventure. The most basic example is a model called the Roadster, which arrived from the factory sans doors and roof. Expert restorer Jonathan Ward and his Icon outfit got ahold of one and turned it...

  • Icon Old School BR
    Icon puts original Ford Bronco back into production

    A new Ford Bronco is coming. An old one is on its way as well though, thanks to Jonathan Ward and his firm Icon. The truck is called the Old School BR, and it's a first-generation Ford Bronco buillt virtually from scratch. It's also better than any Bronco that ever left the Ford factory. When Icon...

  • Icon electric Derelict 1949 Mercury
    Icon is building an all-electric Derelict Mercury

    Icon is perhaps best known for its many high-dollar bespoke-built vintage SUVs. Lately though, the Icon team has been cranking out a handful of other project vehicles, including cars, and each one has been more amazing than the last. We've seen a gorgeous Ford F-250, an impossibly cool Rolls-Royce...

  • FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser with just 5,000 miles up for sale
    1978 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser with just 5,000 miles up for sale

    This is the nicest example of a classic FJ40-generation Toyota Land Cruiser that you're likely to find. It's as clean as can be, free of rust, and shows just 5,265 original miles on its odometer. It's also for sale on Bring A Trailer, and if you want it you'll need a massive pile of cash. With one...

  • Jay Leno welcomes Jonathon Ward and his 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Derelict
    Sleeper 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud stops by Leno's Garage

    Icon turns out fantastic works of automotive art. The company revisits classic cars and gives them a modern spin, though mostly under the sheet metal. You're most likely familiar with the Land Cruisers, Broncos, and other off-road machines built in the shop owned by Jonathan Ward. His company...

  • The Icon Ford Crew Cab Reformer

    There is a 1965 Ford F100 in my garage. I've owned it for a few years, performed a few mechanical fixes and upgrades over the years, and I love my truck. It's a good "ten footer" and a pleasure to take on cruises. Jonathan Ward of Icon doesn't build "ten footers." He builds amazing machines to his own exacting expectations and those of his customers. These are the demands of perfection, and it's how you arrive at a truck like the Icon Ford Crew Cab Reformer. Using a relatively rare 1965 Ford F-250 Crew Cab as the starting point for this project, Ward and his team have transformed it into an...

  • Icon Reformer Chevrolet Caprice Classic
    Icon made a 6-figure Chevy Caprice, and it's glorious

    One of my dream machines isn't a new Ferrari [NYSE:F]. It's not the latest Porsche. It's not even something like a Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Shelby GT350, or other modern high-horsepower muscle car. It's a Ford Crown Vic. You see, I drive on the Los Angeles freeway system and it's a terrible...

  • Bronco on Raptor Chassis
    5th-gen Ford Bronco is a Raptor under the skin

    If Ford made new product decisions based on enthusiast forums, it'd have never killed the beloved Bronco. Of course, planning corporate strategy around internet commentary doesn't exactly a guarantee a slam dunk—or a future as a going concern. But true believers—like Icon's Jonathan...

  • The ICON FJ-44 visits Jay Leno's Garage
    Icon FJ-44 hits up Jay Leno's Garage

    Here at Motor Authority we tend to spend most of our time on the paved bits, in low-slung, fun-to-drive cars. Barring that, we gravitate toward full-size highway bombardment hardware: cruising in style. But sometimes we get the urge to go where the roads don't. And when we do, the Toyota FJ is at...

  • Jonathan Ward's daily-driver Icon Derelict
    Jay Leno drives Jonathan Ward's Icon Derelict

    Jonathan Ward’s company, Icon, is best known for producing stunning rebuilds of the Toyota FJ Land Cruiser, the Jeep CJ and, most recently, the original Ford Bronco. Icon vehicles are built without compromise, and priced accordingly. That raises the question of how many buyers will actually...

  • Icon's rendering of its DB4 GT Zagato Reformer
    Icon working on DB4 GT Zagato recreation

    If you’re not familiar with Icon 4x4, you probably should be. Perhaps best known for its stunning rebuilds of Toyota FJ Land Cruisers, Ford Broncos and early Jeep CJ models, Icon also builds rat-resto-rods under the “Derelict” name and true resto-rods under the...

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