One of my dream machines isn't a new Ferrari [NYSE:F]. It's not the latest Porsche. It's not even something like a Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Shelby GT350, or other modern high-horsepower muscle car.

It's a Ford Crown Vic.

You see, I drive on the Los Angeles freeway system and it's a terrible place to spend any amount of time in a car. No one cares about the left lane serving as a passing lane, and this bothers me. A Crown Vic would fix that. Clearly, someone else out there is thinking the same way, which is why they've had Jonathan Ward and Icon create the ultimate Caprice Classic.

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It's part of Icon's Reformer series of cars, and this one has a rather appropriate name. This old Chevy sedan is called the Get The F_@k Out Of My Lane car. You know that folks move over when they see something resembling that familiar shape in their rearview.

Now, a Caprice seems like an odd choice for a company like Icon to work on. Ward states that the owner is from outside the country but routinely comes to the States for work. He dislikes flying, so he travels around the country by car when he's here. Now the Caprice is starting to make a whole lot more sense.

The work won't come cheap, but if you're a moneyed person and you know what you want then I say go for it. This build is likely north of the $100,000 mark. Icon have swapped in the GM E-Rod powertrain, which means the car is both powerful and emissions compliant. On the outside, the car goes primarily for the stealth look once you ignore the blindly brilliant off-road lights mounted in the push bar. On the inside, Icon wanted to clean up and improve the existing space. This means removing rattles and adding in higher-quality materials.

Overall, this is yet another in an amazing series of vehicles build by the team at Icon. I salute the owner and I wish them well on their travels throughout our nation.