When Singer sets to work on a Porsche 911, you know the end result will be even more special than the car that initially stood before. A "standard" 964-era Porsche 911 (1989-1994) is a marvelous machine, but one "reimagined" by Singer takes it to a whole new place. Now, granted, it's quite an expensive place, which is why you don't see these cars simply roaming through your local neighborhood.

If you want to see a Porsche 911 worked over by Singer, you need to be somewhere special. Like, say, Monterey Car Week in Northern California. 

That's where the Singer Vehicle Design team is bringing two of its latest Porsche 911 creations. First up is the Gunmetal Gray 964 known as Minnesota. It's packing a Tobacco Brown interior that sits ahead of a 3.8-liter Cosworth engine producing 350 horsepower. A 6-speed manual gearbox sorts out the action, and gets this beauty rolling right.

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964 Porsche 911 Targa Luxembourg by Singer

964 Porsche 911 Targa Luxembourg by Singer

The other Porsche 911 modified by Singer that you can find in the Pebble Beach area is known as Luxembourg. It's a 964 Targa, and here the owner has decided to go with a rather brilliant orange paint scheme. Inside the interior gets a unique tartan treatment, while the engine gets a bit larger than the Gunmetal Gray car shown prior. Here we're dealing with an Ed Pink-developed 4.0-liter engine that has to scream when it's pushed deep into its rev range.

Both cars are gorgeous works of art. Both cars started off life as already impressive machines, but Singer, as usual, has made them that much more appealing... and massively expensive.

That tends to happen when you're dealing with automotive works of art.

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