The world's waiting not-so-patiently for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles [NYSE:FCAU] to shove the Hellcat V-8 powertrain into the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because we know it's coming. But many Mopar faithful miss the SRT10—you know, the Ram 1500 pickup truck with the Viper V-10 powertrain? So what if FCA shoved the Hellcat's powertrain into a Ram 1500?

The automaker itself probably won't, but, not so long ago we brought you news of Ram 1500 owner Tom Stoll from Canada. He wanted a Helltruck, badly. So badly in fact that he paid Master Technician Byrnes of Midland Chrysler in Midland, Ontario, Canada, to build him one.

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When we first brought you that news little was known about the truck outside of the most important fact: it had the heart of a Hellcat.

But we wanted answers. You wanted answers. So we asked Midland Chrysler some questions to learn more about this Helltruck. Here's what Evann Seary, a sales consultant and the digital marketing coordinator for Midland Chrysler told us:

Who tuned the truck once the swap was done?

It's still waiting to be tuned, as we've added a cold air intake, and aftermarket exhaust.

Is there a full 707 horsepower?

To be determined, but it certainly feels like it since we’ve sold and driven a few Hellcats.

What challenges were there in the swap/build? Roadblocks? How did you overcome said challenges/road blocks?

Sorry, not willing ti divulge this information at this time.

Is the truck still four-wheel drive?


What transmission is in the truck?

The stock Ram 8-speed automatic transmission.

Did the truck retain the original gauge cluster or does it have a donor gauge cluster?

No modifications were done on the interior of the vehicle including cluster, all original.

Of course, what did the swap cost? If someone wants one, can they call up and order one, i.e. will you guys do more of these? And the cost? Any certain caveats?

As we are still working on the build, the exact number has yet to be determined. Right now just the engine swap has been valued at around $90,000… but like I said it’s still going up. Right now FCA has put a stop-order on the ordering of complete stock Hellcat engines, so that has posed a problem. We can get parts… just not the full engine. We’ve had tons of interest, and we would like to do more, just have to wait for FCA to make it easier for us to get the engine.