Following numerous leaks, McLaren has now released full details on its new supercar developed by the MSO personalization department.

The car, identified as the MSO HS, is one of a limited edition of 25 bespoke cars based on the Super Series, which includes the 650S and 675LT.

It started off as a special request from a customer and MSO chose to make a couple dozen more to offset the development cost. The “HS” in the name stands for High Sport and has previously been used for a limited edition 12C.

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The MSO HS features the bodywork of the 675LT but benefits from more downforce, power and weight savings.

It comes with 688 metric horsepower, which translates to 679 American horses. The additional 13 horsepower over the 675LT comes from blueprinting the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine and porting and polishing the heads. Peak torque comes in at 516 pound-feet.

2017 McLaren MSO HS

2017 McLaren MSO HS

In addition to the engine upgrades, the car features a unique exterior aero kit. It includes a new front bumper and splitter, additional dive planes and a roof-mounted scoop. There’s also a new rear wing inspired by the unit on the P1 GTR track car. Together, these help boost downforce to around 485 lb at 150 mph.

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In the cabin, the designers have swapped the 675LT’s standard leather for lighter Alcantara. Further weight savings come from the addition of carbon fiber racing seats complete with harnesses. The designers have also added a shift light indicator and cameras that can record the action during track days. One is mounted in each bumper and another in the cabin.

We’re told some of the cars will make it to the United States, but the run of 25 has already been sold out. With so much personalization available, McLaren isn't giving a price, but you can bet it will be considerably more than the 675LT's $353,600 base price.

According to McLaren, the cars are already being built, and this red one is the first. The others will follow as MSO completes them.

A debut during this week's Monterey Car Week is a strong possibility. MSO has already confirmed a 570GT-based concept for the event. For more from Monterey, head to our dedicated hub.