When McLaren decided it wanted to get back to offering cars for the road, the world was graced with the presence of the MP4-12C. Being the highly proficient team that ever quests for both "more" and "better", the 12C soon gave way to the 650S supercar and the P1 hypercar. Each machine is a testament to top flight engineering and tremendous performance. Now though, there's something that sits in between the two and it's surprisingly mad... in the best way.

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The McLaren 675LT sits just atop the 650S on the family tree yet it's more closely related to the P1 above it. Compared to the 650S, it's lighter, more powerful, louder, and far more focused on the road in front of it. It's as if McLaren took a P1, stripped out all of the electrical motor and battery bits, and then gave it some 650S carbon fiber body panels.

You find yourself using the word "more" a whole lot when describing the 675LT. Especially when speaking of the 650S in the same breath. That's because besides the increased power and weight savings, you also have more downforce to contend with and a more aggressive rear tail that also functions as a supremely powerful air brake when needed.

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When the 650S was launched, we found it to be a tremendously capable machine that was a clear evolutionary leap forward over the 12C it replaced. The 675LT brings those same feelings back

...even more so.


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