Back in 2007, SCORE turned to Icon and Jonathan Ward for a run of special Baja Edition FJ40 Land Cruisers. Those trucks were priced at $145,000 and boasted far more aggressive off-road chops then the average Icon build. Fast forward to today, and Icon has been tasked with revisiting the style and capability of those old rigs but for a one-off FJ40 built for a special customer.

It's called the Icon FJ40 Baja Edition. This truck serves as a thank you between business partners. Years back, one partner told the other that he'd build him a special Icon truck if the company hit a certain financial threshold. That criteria has been met and the truck has been built.

This Baja Edition truck is fitted with the standard Icon goodies such as the 430-horsepower 6.2-liter V-8, gorgeous paint work, and handbuilt craftsmanship. Icon takes it a step further here, and adds more aggressive suspension while also deleting the rear bumper for proper approach and departure angles.

Under the Land Cruiser skin, the mechanical bits include an Atlas twin-stick four-wheel-drive transfer case, Dynatrac axles front and rear, and ARB locking front and rear differentials. Brembo provides the braking power with special Icon-specific brakes, and a stainless exhaust lets that V-8 sing its song.

On the nose sits a warn winch and a custom satin black roll cage completes the Baja Edition look. Actually, it's the sweet light bar on the roof that truly completes the look along with the tough BFGoodrich knobby tires.

The owner of this truck is receiving one heck of a gift. Additionally, they're already an Icon client that ordered an FJ45 truck and a 1952 Chevy sedan Derelict. Now the owner has a garage packing one more bit of automotive awesomeness courtesy of Icon.

Whatever that financial threshold was it must've been a good one...