3 Wheeler

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler

    Morgan is ending production of the 3 Wheeler in 2021 but has hinted that a successor is coming.

  • 2018 Carver
    Carver One tilt-car to return with electric power

    A Dutch company by the name of Carver in 2007 unveiled the One three-wheeler at the Geneva auto show. It was a two-seat vehicle that resembled an enclosed motorcycle but had a steering wheel for car-like control. Its design allowed for motorcycle-style tilting of the chassis for increased cornering...

  • Morgan Roadster Brooklands Edition
    Morgan Building Brooklands Edition Roadster & 3 Wheeler

    Morgan is looking to celebrate a bit of British racing history. Specifically, the company looks to the historic Brooklands circuit for its latest special edition styling. The Brooklands Edition tag is being applied to the Roadster and the 3 Wheeler, and the results are rather fetching. Dark green...

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler courtesy of Morgan Motor Company
    Will Morgan's 3 Wheeler be its ticket to success in China?

    Morgan hopes its three-wheeled roadster, the M3W, will help the company stand out in the growing Chinese market.

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler
    Morgan 3 Wheeler Preview: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    Morgan, famed for its wood-framed transport and modern retro-themed designs, is getting back in the game for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, this time with a three-wheeled conveyance powered by a nose-mounted V-twin engine mated to Mazda five-speed gearbox. The power is sent to the rear wheel by a...

  • 2011 Morgan Threewheeler
    The Morgan Threewheeler: A Roadster With A Difference

    From the hydrogen-powered LIFEcar concept to the all-aluminum EvaGT to its history of wood-framed cars, Morgan spans an incredible variety of technology and aims with its cars, all wrapped in a classically-styled package. However, what many may not know is that the success of Morgan was originally...

  • Carver One going to Geneva

    Next month’s Geneva Motor Show will see the world premier of the Carver One three-wheeled tilt car. The strange looking vehicle combines the thrill and speed of a motorcycle with the protection and stability of a car. It’s specialty is the unique Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system, where the level of tilt depends on the current speed of the vehicle. The system will keep the Carver almost upright around corners at slow speed but allows up to 45 degrees of tilt when going fast. This enables the Carver to match the cornering speed of a Ferrari. Its sporty engine allows it to reach...

  • T-Rex on tour
    Campagna T-Rex on tour

    Campagna's T-Rex is a strange beast. Neither car nor motorcycle, it takes elements of both and combines them to create something that may not bark as loud as its namesake, but certainly features some of the bite. The T-Rex is the latest in lightweight cars that trade luxury amenities (i.e. anything...

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