Morgan is looking to celebrate a bit of British racing history. Specifically, the company looks to the historic Brooklands circuit for its latest special edition styling.

The Brooklands Edition tag is being applied to the Roadster and the 3 Wheeler, and the results are rather fetching.

Dark green Brooklands paintwork has been applied inside and out. Satin finishes and black trim work work incredibly well with the dark green colors to create a look that seems to mean motoring business. Along with the color scheme, the Brooklands Edition vehicles come with a special dash plaque, a few optional extra thrown in as standard kit, a Brooklands centenary book, and annual membership into the Brooklands trust.

Just 50 examples of both the Roadster and 3 Wheeler are being produced, so these are truly limited edition machines. The Roadster is being priced at £40,000, which translates to around $62,000 not including VAT. Pricing for the 3 Wheeler will be announced this fall.


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