Next month’s Geneva Motor Show will see the world premier of the Carver One three-wheeled tilt car. The strange looking vehicle combines the thrill and speed of a motorcycle with the protection and stability of a car. It’s specialty is the unique Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system, where the level of tilt depends on the current speed of the vehicle. The system will keep the Carver almost upright around corners at slow speed but allows up to 45 degrees of tilt when going fast. This enables the Carver to match the cornering speed of a Ferrari.

Its sporty engine allows it to reach a top speed of 115mph while its average fuel consumption remains at a very modest 40mpg. The Carver is powered by a tiny four-cylinder turbo that manages an output of 68bhp and 74lb-ft with drive going through the rear wheels. Due to the light 670kg weight, the Carver is rated at over 100bhp per ton. This allows for a 0-60mph of 8.2 seconds, which is respectable but not all that exciting.

The handling package consists of a single-arm with hydraulic shock absorption suspension system at the front attached to a single 17in alloy wheel. The rear set-up features McPherson struts with two 15in alloys for rear-wheel steering. Inside, the Carver One gets an MP3 CD player, GPS navigation and an aluminium luggage rack with a matching suitcase. The Carver One will retail for approximately $45,000 in the US, or around £28,000 in the UK.