Chinese automaker Brilliance is planning to launch several new models in Europe to join its current BS6 sedan. German trade publication Euro am Sonntag reports that Brilliance is considering bringing in a middle class BS4 sedan by mid this year with the introduction of a coupe model towards the end if the year. There’s even talk of a possible supermini and SUV models.

Brilliance is lacking a dealer network in Europe, and it’s still unclear if the cars will still be imported through German car Importer HSO Motors Europe. The first batch of 3000 BS6 sedans has already arrived, however, initial impressions haven’t been promising.

The car misses out on numerous safety features that are usually equipped as standard these days, such as side and rear airbags, stability and traction control or even a lap-sash seatbelt in the center rear seat. The car runs a 130hp 2.4L four-cylinder engine sourced from Mitsubishi, which enables the BS6 to accelerate to 100km/h from rest in a very slow 12 seconds. This was a rather poor attempt at launching the brand in Europe and we hope Brilliance’s other models will address some of these issues.