• 2018 Carver

    A Dutch company by the name of Carver in 2007 unveiled the One three-wheeler at the Geneva auto show. It was a two-seat vehicle that resembled an enclosed motorcycle but had a steering wheel for car-like control. Its design allowed for motorcycle-style tilting of the chassis for increased cornering speeds, but with the stability of a car. Priced at over $35,000, the One didn't light up the sales chart and Carver was forced to declare bankruptcy two years later. Now the Carver name is making a return, though this time with a focus on electric power. Speaking with Dutch website AutoRAI, Anton...

  • Carver One going to Geneva
    Carver One going to Geneva

    Next month’s Geneva Motor Show will see the world premier of the Carver One three-wheeled tilt car. The strange looking vehicle combines the thrill and speed of a motorcycle with the protection and stability of a car. It’s specialty is the unique Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system...

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