The first customer commissions for the Cadillac Celestiq started last summer, and now a special version is available for this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. It costs a staggering $975,000, and according to Cadillac it will be the only one of its kind.

Mercedes-Benz is working on the first major update for its second-generation G-Class, which has been on sale since the 2019 model year. The updated brick-on-wheels will get a nip and tuck with refreshed front and rear ends, and the high-performance G 63 variant will get mild-hybrid technology and a new suspension system.

Germany's Manthey-Racing is preparing some upgrades for the 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A prototype has been spotted, revealing a huge rear wing with a central stabilizing fin that extends to the rear windshield.

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