The Porsche 718 isn't even close to new, yet its popularity hasn't waned.

Porsche is expanding production of the 718 model line to the multi-brand Volkswagen Group plant in Osnabrück to keep up with demand and likely prepare for the future.

Osnabrück is the same plant responsible for overflow production of the Cayenne. It will take time to prep Osnabrück for 718 production with cars set to roll off the line in the middle of 2023.

Porsche noted this expansion will not affect the number of employees currently working on 718 production at the car's current production facility in Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart.

The 718 shares a production line with the 911 sports car, which has seen slightly increased demand with a record 38,464 units delivered worldwide in 2021, an increase of 12%. The first quarter of 2022 saw Porsche deliver 9,327 911s. In 2021, Porsche delivered 20,502 718s, and in the first quarter of 2002 a total of 4,536 718s have been delivered, keeping production roughly on pace with last year.

The change for 718 production takes place near the end of the current gas-powered car's life. The next-generation 718 model will be electric, as the automaker's third EV. Set to follow the electric Macan, the next-generation 718 should arrive by 2025.

The expansion of production could allow Porsche to continue manufacturing the gas-powered 718 lineup as the electric 718 enters production. This scenario would follow the playbook Porsche intends for the Macan. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Motor Authority in March the electric 718 will be the "best all-electric car in the b-segment," though the executive didn't quantify best in any way.

Porsche GT4 ePerformance

Porsche GT4 ePerformance

Over the weekend the electric Porsche GT4 ePerformance ran the hill at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The demonstration was part of a world tour of the GT4 ePerformance to highlight the concept's potential for racing and motorsports. It's unclear how related, if at all, the GT4 ePerformance concept is to the forthcoming electric 718, as it's just a 718 bodyshell.