Lotus on Tuesday announced plans for four new electric models, including two SUVs, a four-door coupe, and a sports car—all to be launched over the next five years.

The first SUV, codenamed Type 132, will launch in 2022, a Lotus press release said. The four-door coupe, codenamed Type 133, will follow in 2023. The second SUV (Type 134) and the sports car (Type 135) will debut in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Lotus previously said it would switch to an all-EV lineup, claiming the recently unveiled Emira sports car will be its last internal-combustion model. Its first production EV will be the 1,973-hp Evija hypercar, which is scheduled to start production later this year and will be limited to 130 examples.

Lotus EV teaser

Lotus EV teaser

The company has confirmed multiple EV platforms in development, including an Extreme platform for the Evija and an Evolution platform for at least one SUV. It appears the four new models will be based on a third platform, called Premium. It's designed to support vehicles in multiple market segments, with 92-kwh to 102-kwh battery packs and 800-volt electrical architectures, Lotus said.

The British automaker simultaneously announced the groundbreaking for the headquarters of its new Lotus Technology division in Wuhan, China. The headquarters is scheduled to open in 2024, and a nearby factory will open later this year, the company said. Lotus will also maintain its existing facilities in the United Kingdom.

The expansion into China is a reflection of Lotus' current backing. Chinese automaker Geely acquired Lotus in 2017, providing steady financing to fund new models. In addition, the new Lotus Technology division counts Li Bin, founder of Chinese automaker Nio, among its investors. Nio is one of the few EV startups to gain traction, posting respectable sales in its home country, and introducing a network of battery-swapping stations.