Everyone's favorite mechanic and vehicle restorer Edd China is back with a new show that's set to premiere on YouTube.

It's called “Edd China’s Workshop Diaries,” and the first episode airs on April 2. There will be an episode every week thereafter.

The show takes place primarily in China's own workshop, where he fixes up old cars, provides important lessons and tips for anyone considering taking on their own restoration project, and explores both old and new technologies. There will also be interviews with other people in the car world, including more specialized restorers and artisans to find out just how they do what they do.

Edd China

Edd China

We should remind you that China has announced two previous shows (“Edd China's Garage Revival” and “Built By Many”) since he first announced in 2017 that he was leaving “Wheeler Dealers,” and both of them have gone nowhere. Let's hope his new show gains some traction because the trailer suggests it will be quite entertaining as well as informative.

Like us, we're sure you were saddened to originally learn that China had left “Wheeler Dealers” after 13 long seasons. Basically, China wasn't keen on new producer Discovery's desire to skip the nitty-gritty details of the show in order to appeal to a more general audience.

“Wheeler Dealers” is still running, by the way. Ant Anstead, a fellow mechanic and car show personality from the U.K., took over from China for seasons 14-16, starring alongside show veteran Mike Brewer. Marc Priestley, a former McLaren Formula One mechanic, takes over from Anstead from season 17.