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  • Filming of Edd China's new car show “Built By Many”

    Leaving “Wheeler Dealers” last year over creative differences may end up being the best thing to happen to our favorite car restorer Edd China. That's because he's now working on not one, but two new car shows. Only last month we saw a pilot episode for “Edd China's Garage Revival,” a show where China travels abroard to meet owners of project cars that have gone nowhere, and then help them complete the build. Now we have the first details on a second show he'll feature in: “Built By Many.” This one is also an online show for now, and as the name suggests...

  • Scene from 'Edd China's Garage Revival' pilot
    Watch the full pilot for “Edd China's Garage Revival”

    Former “Wheeler Dealers” mechanic Edd China is back with a new show whose pilot episode went live Tuesday. Called “Edd China's Garage Revival,” it sees China doing what he does best: wrenching and hammering on old cars while explaining in great detail the key restoration...

  • Scene from 'Edd China's Garage Revival' pilot
    Edd China of “Wheeler Dealers” fame teases new show

    Praise the television gods because Edd China is planning a new show, and yes it's all about restoring old cars. Called “Edd China's Garage Revival,” the show is only at the pilot stage but with any luck we'll soon see a television or online channel pick it up. The full 40-minute pilot...

  • Edd China announcing he will leave TV's "Wheeler Dealers"
    Edd China leaving "Wheeler Dealers" over creative differences

    Top tip: Edd China, the handyman-host of TV's "Wheeler Dealers" is stepping down to pursue other interests, he announced this week. It's the latest in a series of changes Discovery Channel's Velocity network has made to the show since taking control of it a few years ago—and it's by far the...

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