With fingers, keys, and jewelry always bumping up against them, car door handles can get easily scratched. But this common problem is also easy to fix, according to Larry Kosilla. He's the founder of car-detailing company Ammo NYC, and in this video he demonstrates how to remove car door handle scratches in just 10 minutes.

The first step is to thoroughly wash the area, making sure to brush around the handle while opening and closing the door to get at any trapped dirt. It's important to do the same while drying to clear out any trapped water. The actual scratch removal requires pulling on the handle, so it's best to lock the car for that.

The main challenge is getting cleaning tools into the cups behind the door handles. That means polishing by hand, rather than with a machine. You can also prop the door handle open, assuming you have something that won't damage the paint.

How to remove door handle scratches (Ammo NYC video screenshot)

How to remove door handle scratches (Ammo NYC video screenshot)

It may be more labor intensive than polishing with a machine, but hand polishing also makes this process simple and straightforward. It also avoids possible friction-related damage to the plastic door handles on most modern cars.

To protect the area from further scratches, you can also put a clear bra around the handle. 3M even sells kits specifically for door handles.

Larry Kosilla is a car detailing evangelist, and thankfully he's produced dozens of videos covering everything from the basics of car detailing to more elaborate projects like stripping paint off a car, or installing a vinyl wrap.