Keeping up on regularly scheduled maintenance and ensuring a car runs in tip-top shape is only part of the ownership experience. If an owner plans to keep a car for the long haul, proper car care and detailing is a must. Not only will it ensure a car looks great, but it will also protect against factors that harm vehicle paint and quality. 

Ammo NYC, a car care and detailing company that takes pride in educating and inspiring drivers, uploaded a handy training course to its official YouTube channel in an effort to preach the benefits of proper car care.

We're not talking about a bucket filled with water and dish soap—don't ever, ever use dish soap—for a quick driveway wash. Rather, we're talking about real car care with a meticulous eye for vehicle protection.

Larry Kosilla, Ammo NYC founder, hosted and narrated the video and broke basic detailing down into four areas: core, sequence, methods, and rules. In other words, why should the car be detailed, where should one clean, how to clean various areas, and guiding principals.

He broke each of these sections down further to explain what each area encompasses. For example, the "core," or "why one should detail," includes some obvious reasons such as keeping the car clean, protecting the paint surface, or correcting imperfections.

It's an incredibly detailed training video that breaks down into seven additional chapters. Dive into the knowledge up above and make cars clean again.