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  • AMMO NYC wraps his Audi R8 with help from CKWrapsToronto

    It's a dramatic move to completely change the color of a car. Do it with paint and you're stuck with your final decision once everything dries. If you go with a vinyl wrap, however, you could always just peel the sticky stuff and put the car back the way it once was. That doesn't mean applying a wrap is any easier than painting a car though, and in fact it might be more complicated. Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC recently acquired his dream car. No, not his gorgeous 964 Porsche but rather a manual-equipped first-generation Audi R8. While Larry is a fan of the silver metallic paint already on the...

  • AMMO NYC detailing academy
    Learn how to be a better car detailer in this 1 video

    Keeping up on regularly scheduled maintenance and ensuring a car runs in tip-top shape is only part of the ownership experience. If an owner plans to keep a car for the long haul, proper car care and detailing is a must. Not only will it ensure a car looks great, but it will also protect against...

  • Larry Kosilla walks us through his concours-level paint job on his Porsche 911 964
    Watch this Porsche 911 get a concours-level paint job

    Larry Kosilla is our favorite type of automotive mad man. Without his obsession to detail, he wouldn't be a detail king and the person bringing Ammo NYC cleaning products to the world. In order to detail a vehicle at the level Larry achieves, you have to be a bit obsessed. He might say focused, but...

  • Stripping the paint from a car is a gruesome process
    Watch how the professionals strip paint from a car

    A car in need of a complete rework of its paint will typically need its existing paint to be removed. If you want the job done right then you'll have to start from the beginning, making sure each step along the way is performed correctly. Larry Kosilla, the man behind the Ammo NYC car care brand...

  • Porsche 964 911 restoration
    Watch a Porsche 964 911 restoration condensed to 5 minutes

    Rust is cancer for cars. For those residing in colder, snowier climates, we know the sight of rust all too well. It's one reason we all can't have nice things year-round. When Larry Kosilla of Ammo, a manufacturer of car cleaning and detailing products, first purchased his Porsche 964-generation...

  • Ammo details a McLaren F1 GTR Longtail for 138 hours
    Experience a 138-hour detail on a McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

    You might be the type of person that loves spending a few hours on a weekend washing your pride and joy. You've got your two or three buckets. There's your favorite wash rags all set out. You have some cleaning products you prefer at your side. Those four hours you're about to spend will put you in...

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