Rust is cancer for cars. For those residing in colder, snowier climates, we know the sight of rust all too well. It's one reason we all can't have nice things year-round. When Larry Kosilla of Ammo, a manufacturer of car cleaning and detailing products, first purchased his Porsche 964-generation (1989-1993) 911, rust was already an issue.

However, it seemed to be contained in just one spot. As he dove deeper into the Porsche 911, it became apparent the rust was widespread. So, Kosilla commissioned a total restoration of the car, and that's what we see in the video above. Kosilla says he will provide other of detailed videos to show off various aspects of the restoration process, but here we have a five-minute-long breakdown of all that went into restoring the Porsche. 

As you can imagine, the process was lengthy and a five-minute video doesn't represent a sliver of the hard work and love that has gone into the restoration. Kosilla says the entire process took about five months and 750 hours of labor. The things we do for the cars we love.

The entire car was nearly torn apart to ensure no rust snuck by the professionals at J&B Body Works and the paint was completely stripped to apply a fresh coat. Even the interior was torn apart and new Dynamat was installed. The end result was surely worth the wait. We think it looks quite tasteful.

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