Jay Leno is a fan of Porsche. Well, really he's a fan of pretty much every automaker under the sun, but he seems to really enjoy driving old products from Porsche. That's why he spent nearly 30 minutes chatting up both the owner and the builder of this 1964 Porsche 356C. It's been lovingly upgraded to make everyday driving an enjoyable experience.

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The engine builder is John Willhoit, who owns Willhoit Auto Restoration in Long Beach, California. His shop has been one of the go-to Porsche restoration shops since it opened back in 1976. This outfit specializes in the 356, so it's no surprise that the owner of this particular 1964 example took his own car to one of the best. Willhoit bored out the 1,600-cc engine to 2,132-cc.

Using the original block, many new parts are then swapped in to give the 356 that extra oomph that an owner might desire. Additionally, the original parts are maintained so that the car can easily be brought back to its original factory specifications. Before that happens though, the Willhoit-built engine allows for a whole lot more fun to be had in that old German classic.

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