The Volkswagen emissions scandal is big news. Massive news, really. It's attracted the attention of everyone, and that everyone includes Hollywood, which is already working on bringing the scandal to the big screen. Appian Way productions, along with Paramount Pictures, has acquired the film rights to it all. The story will come way of a book currently set to be written by New York Times journalist Jack Ewing.

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Appian Way is Leonardo DiCaprio's production company, but no one is attached to this picture yet as it's just begun to take shape. Still, DiCaprio himself is very much into living a green life. He was an early fan of the Toyota Prius, owns a Fisker Karma, and also attended a Formula E electric racing event.

Perhaps he could play a wise-cracking journalist set to cover the scandal... one who typically enjoys the enthusiast side of the industry, but on occasion will cover more general newsworthy stories. I have someone in mind actually, and I do know that he's available to assist in preparation for the role.


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