It's a dramatic move to completely change the color of a car. Do it with paint and you're stuck with your final decision once everything dries. If you go with a vinyl wrap, however, you could always just peel the sticky stuff and put the car back the way it once was.

That doesn't mean applying a wrap is any easier than painting a car though, and in fact it might be more complicated.

Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC recently acquired his dream car. No, not his gorgeous 964 Porsche but rather a manual-equipped first-generation Audi R8. While Larry is a fan of the silver metallic paint already on the car, he's also quite partial to the idea of Audi's famed Nardo Gray. Rather than respray his new toy, Larry turned to CK Wraps Toronto for help realizing his vehicular vision.

The process starts with, as you would guess, a full wash of the car. After that, tape templates are created so that the wrap installer can easily replace the exterior badges. There's a bit of disassembly for items such as the front and rear fascias, side mirrors, and the door handles. After that, it's time to lay down some vinyl.

Wrapping a car is a time consuming process, and the installer is clearly a top-notch professional in this field. Care and effort are taken to make sure that you won't find edges where the underlying paint can shine through. There are no rips, creases, or air bubbles trapped under the wrap. This is a top-tier wrap job and it shows just how much work that task requires.

Further, the installer goes a step above when he provides Larry with a cool feature for his R8. In the rear, where the quattro rings should reside, the installer places an AMMO decal. He doesn't place it over the wrap though, but instead places it under the wrap. Then, when the wrap covers the decal, he press the vinyl into place so it makes the decal press up against the wrap making a sort of embossed logo. It's a cool effect and looks perfect on Larry's Audi.

This is a long video, so you may need to take it in multiple viewings. But you should watch it and realize just how much skill and effort are involved with a proper, professional wrap job.