A clear bra can help protect vulnerable areas of your car from rock chips and other damage, but it also presents a different kind of surface to maintain. If you regularly polish your car's paintwork, this video from Ammo NYC shows how to polish a clear bra, too.

The car used in the video is a 993-generation Porsche 911 Turbo, which came from the factory with a clear bra on its widened rear fenders. These have a tendency to fade over time, Ammo NYC founder Larry Kosilla said in the video, adding that the best solution is to just replace it.

If you want to quickly touch things up so the bra doesn't contrast with the paint, a few passes with a polishing machine can do the job. Kosilla recommends using a generous amount of polish on a foam pad, ensuring the pad is small enough to get into all areas. The curve of the rear fender created a tight pocket at the base of the fender on this 993, for example, while the top is more open.

Kosilla said the finished product won't look quite as good as a new clear bra, but the results look pretty decent considering how little time is required to polish (the full video is less than five minutes long). It certainly helps buy time between replacements.

Ammo NYC has plenty of other car-detailing videos on its YouTube channel, all hosted by Kosilla. They cover everything from the basics of car detailing to stripping paint off a car.