Hyundai on Tuesday provided a glimpse of its future design with the Prophecy concept.

The concept is an EV with a curvy, almost retro design that recalls the Saab 92 of the 1950s. Hyundai describes the design as an evolution of its Sensuous Sportiness design language first introduced with 2018's Le Fil Rouge concept.

The Le Fil Rouge previewed the design of the latest Sonata but it isn't clear at this point if the Prophecy also previews a specific model. It's more likely the Prophecy hints at future design themes rather than an actual production-bound model, specifically the concept's voluminous proportions, clean surfaces and aerodynamic shape. Hyundai said the car's pixelated lights will also be carried forward as a signature design language of future models.

A long wheelbase has resulted in a roomy cabin that, like the exterior, also features retro themes. It's still a high-tech space, though, with a pair of joysticks replacing the traditional steering wheel and a large digital screen spanning almost the entire width of the dash. An air-purifying system also cleans air entering the cabin and then circulates it back to the atmosphere.

While the jury's still out on whether the Prophecy concept will spawn a production model, another cool EV concept from Hyundai, last year's wedgy 45 concept, is set to spawn a production model. Prototypes are currently testing ahead of the model's expected debut in 2021.