Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a new home for its vintage Italian makes. The Heritage Hub, located within the historic Mirafiori plant in Italy has opened its doors.

Inside, FCA houses the best from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth and Lancia. Total, there are 250 cars on display that FCA calls "historic gems" to the company. Some of the cars have never been shown to the public before. The complex also plays double duty as headquarters for FCA Heritage service and sales. Most of the public will be most interested in an educational tour of the museum, however.

Each tour will take attendees through eight different exhibitions where FCA has selected eight different cars to highlight different eras and brands. The eras aren't listed, but we see plenty of cars from each brand's motorsport history, including rally cars decked out in Martini liveries. We're sure Lancia fans will spend plenty of time there. A Concept and Personalized section showcases various concept cars, and even vehicles members of the Agnelli family have owned in the past. Along the way, fans will take in massive hanging panels that highlight the Mirafiori plant's 80-year-long history.

Additionally, the Heritage Hub features a section for the Reloaded by Creators program, where FCA Heritage restores and sells rare and classic vehicles

The Heritage Hub first gained traction on enthusiasts' radars when a YouTube video showed two prototype Alfa Romeo 4C coupes decked out in Quadrifoglio gear. Motor Authority learned these two cars were design prototypes meant to study a potential high-performance 4C coupe. Alas, it never happened. We're sure plenty more jewels like the 4C Quadrifoglio exist, and have a look inside with the video above.