Those lucky enough to own classic cars often choose something other than old, finicky, heritage vehicles as a "daily drivers." André Lotterer is different than most classic car owners.

Lotterer featured his 1984 Audi Sport Quattro on the YouTube series "Petrolicious" and described his affection toward the car, and why it makes the perfect car to drive every day. Lotterer grew up in a motorsports family and his father managed a racing team in Belgium. In fact, it was one of the first teams to give Audi a shot in the racing world and Lotterer recalled one car that always stuck out to him: a long-wheelbase Quattro. As an adult, Lotterer became a racer and won three times at Le Mans with Audi.

In 2013, he purchased his Sport Quattro, which has been modified slightly to make 450 horsepower. Not only does the car still ooze its rally-inspired charm, but Lotterer also put a straight-piped exhaust in to open up the 5-cylinder engine's tone. He says he's a massive fan of the noises the Sport Quattro makes, and frankly, how could any gearhead blame him?

In Monaco, where Lotterer lives now, the Sport Quattro isn't exactly a common daily driver. The racer notes there are plenty of people who have no idea what it is and that they're star-struck; those who know are even happier, he says.

Perhaps what's best about Lotterer's relationship with the car is that it's not a garage queen. It's driven all the time, just as the engineers behind the wonderful machine intended.