Volkswagen is slated to unveil a redesigned Golf in October and the automaker has previewed the car's high-tech interior with a teaser sketch.

Tucked away in a document outlining the Volkswagen Group's 2019 annual general meeting that took place on Tuesday, the teaser sketch shows the digital dash that will feature in the new Golf, the nameplate's eighth generation.

Clearly visible is a large digital instrument cluster that merges seamlessly into an infotainment screen atop the center stack. Thankfully there will still be some physical buttons. These will feature on the steering wheel and in the center stack. Another panel with buttons is located to the left of the instrument cluster, though it isn't clear whether this is another digital screen or a set of physical buttons.

The tech won't end with the dash. VW has previously stated there will be more connectivity, including a permanent Internet connection. Some level of automated driving capability will also be present.

Teaser for 2020 Volkswagen Golf debuting in October 2019

Teaser for 2020 Volkswagen Golf debuting in October 2019

Depending on the market, the Mk8 Golf will offer gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and plug-in hybrid options. The latter will have close to 50 miles of electric range on a single charge. A 48-volt mild-hybrid system will feature, though it isn't clear if this will be fitted across the range or only on some models. What is clear, though, is that there will no longer be a battery-electric e-Golf, as this role is being taken up by the ID 3.

The Mk8 Golf was originally pegged for a reveal in September at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show but VW will instead use the event for the debut of the ID 3. The Golf will now debut the following month at a private event in VW's hometown of Wolfsburg, where the car is expected to be exclusively built.

A market launch in Europe will follow in early 2020 but what isn't clear is whether we'll see the car reach the United States. It was reported in May that the U.S. may only receive the new Golf GTI and Golf R, since both cars have a loyal enthusiast following here.

The Golf is the single most important vehicle for VW and the new generation will have some big shoes to fill as the outgoing Mk7 as recently as 2018 sold over 830,000 units worldwide.