After installing the first of many 350-kilowatt, 800-volt charging stations in Berlin, Germany, last year, Porsche has begun erecting the so-called Turbo Charging stations at dealerships.

The first dealership is the Porsche Center in Berlin-Adlershof.

Four parking spaces feature the new chargers, which offer double the voltage over current DC fast-charging stations (400 volts). With the added voltage, Porsche's stations will charge any car with a Combined Charging Standard (CCS) in as little as 20 minutes with a 250-mile range. To ensure normal operation and safe transfer of energy, the new stations use liquid-cooling technology to ensure the charging pins do not overheat.

Prototype for Porsche Taycan, the production Mission E

Prototype for Porsche Taycan, the production Mission E

Porsche has been adamant that the upcoming Taycan electric car, nee Mission E, includes a network of fast charging stations for owners to take advantage of. In fact, Uwe Michaels, head of Porsche's electrics and electronics development division, said owners expect fast charging from Porsche. And the 800-volt chargers will juice a battery quicker than Tesla's Supercharger stations.

Karsten Sohns, Managing Director of Porsche Germany, added that "an appropriate charging infrastructure at our Porsche sites and beyond is an essential component of our strategy."

The Taycan will be the first production car to house the 800-volt charging technology, and will likely boast an electric range in excess of 300 miles. Even if owners can't wait for an entire battery charging session, 80 percent of the battery can be charged in 15 minutes with the 800-volt stations. The Taycan will make its debut in 2019, but Porsche will continue installing its network of fast-charging stations in the meantime, including here in the United States. And the brand will be kind enough to share its investment with other brands that adhere to the CCS standard.